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What is Enough?

What is Enough?

What is Enough?

What is enough? 

That question recently came up in my women's business group meeting. Our group is made up of women in diverse fields but our goal is to brainstorm ideas for each other to create business, refer each other, and share our skill sets to foster success. One of our members, Brandi Behlke is a local financial planner/advisor with Edward Jones and she explained that this is one of the most common questions she gets from clients. I had to agree, as I posed that very question to my financial advisors when we sat down to talk about retirement and quality of life.  I prefer words to numbers so it was very helpful to have a professional that knows the market and understands how to match risks with goals.  Here is what she shared with me on how to find YOUR enough. Read on ... 

Merriam-Webster defines enough in the following ways:
: occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations
: in or to a degree or quantity that satisfies or that is sufficient or necessary for satisfaction
: a sufficient number, quantity, or amount

If you are looking for something specific when trying to determine what is enough, you are going to need to look past the dictionary. Enough is individual and situation specific. Enough salt in the food I have made for dinner varies greatly from my husband s definition. Enough shoes in my teenage daughter s closet is completely different than her feelings in the matter. Enough money in my bank account is different from enough money in my mother s account.

What is enough? I truly have no idea. Enough to me changes regularly as I am sure it does for each of you. So, if I can t answer the question, why am I writing a post on it? Simply stated, I am writing this because it is the most common question I am asked as a financial advisor.

- Do I have enough to retire?
- Is there enough in my child s 529 to cover tuition?
- Am I doing enough to save for my future?
- Will this be enough to have in my emergency fund?
- Do I have enough insurance to pay for my final expenses?
- Will my savings be enough to pay for long term care?

She may not know the specific answer. But the important thing it, she wants to help you determine what that means to you. Knowing what to ask in order to get the right answer for each client is key, she explains. "What's important to you is important to me," she says about each of her clients. 

Are you ready to figure out what is enough for you? Call her office and schedule some time to talk more about finding your enough? 828-652-4241I


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