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Always Be Recruiting!

Always Be Recruiting!

Always Be Recruiting!

McDowell Chamber Blog When my husband and I owned restaurants, one of the most important lessons he taught me when it came to crafting a solid staff was to always be hiring. "You never know when the star employee is going to walk through that door and you want to make sure they are working for you, not the other guy," he would say.This goes for recruiting as well.  I learned to apply this rigorously and not only did it ensure we had professional staff, it allowed us to trim the "dead weight" and saved the business money. 

Finding quality employees is always high on the list of concerns from companies we help every day. This is why we invest in and are involved with programs such as CARP (Career Awareness Readiness Program), LINC, Workforce Pipeline, Workplace Wellness, among others. All of these programs work to improve educational opportunities for local residents, connect quality people with the right employers, create quality work environments, and promote great work ethics. We are persistent in our pursuit to provide tools, ideas, resources, access, and assistance to our members. 

Motivational speaker and founder of M Power Resources, Charles Marshall, talks about the importance of this practice (hiring/recruiting) in his latest blog (shared below). I began following Charles about a year ago and one of the things that appealed to me was his dedication to helping businesses grow. His company, M Power Resources, provides growth resources for businesses and individuals and on top of that, he's funny. Check out his book, Shattering the Glass Slipper, its central message is that success is available to all who develop, harness, and apply their Seven Powers. In his blog, he points out that recruiting can happen anywhere when you are actively looking. Give Charles a read and apply the Always be Recruiting for your business today. 

Article Reprinted with Permission by Charles Marshall

One of the questions I am most frequently asked these days is: How do we hire quality employees who want to work?
My answer is pretty simple, really: Always be recruiting.
Recently, when I was speaking at a school nutrition conference, I asked for volunteers to stand up and tell me their best customer service story. One woman stood up and told me that she and some friends were eating at a pizza restaurant one night when their waiter seemed to get everything wrong. Their whole evening was a comedy of customer-service errors--wrong orders to the wrong people who were charged the wrong amounts. 
As they finished their meal, the manager came over to their table, apologized for the problems, gave them a discount, and then offered everyone in their party a gift certificate to make up for their bad experience. McDowell Chamber Blog 

The lady telling me the story said she noticed that the manager had an excellent customer service ethic and thought she would make a wonderful team member. So, right then and there, she began trying to recruit the manager! 

“You’ve really done a great job taking care of us tonight!” she told the manager. “Pardon me for asking, but do you have kids?” 
“I sure do!” the manager replied. “I have an eight-year-old and a ten-year-old, but I don’t get to spend much time with them because I’m here at work all the time.”
“If you worked with us at the school, you would be getting home from work about the same time as your kids get home from school!”
The woman went on to list all of the benefits of working in the school nutrition department, and then traded contact with the restaurant manager before leaving.
As she was telling the story, I got the feeling that this wasn’t the first time she had done this, neither would it be the last. She realized that you don’t wait until you have a job opening to recruit. If you happen to run across a qualified candidate, initiate the conversation right then!
Maybe something will come of it and maybe it won’t, but if you are constantly reaching out to qualified, sharp people, then you are less likely to be scratching your head and wondering what you’re going to do when you do have a job opening on your team.

Check out more from Charles at or contact him at  and by phone at (770) 682-6070. 

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