Five Tips To Get Your Business Ready For Winter

Duke Energy offers wise tips for businesses to save money this winter!Winter is right around the corner. And depending on how cold it gets, a higher bill could be, too. While you can purchase new energy-efficient HVAC systems to reap nice energy savings for your business, there are some more cost-effective ways to keep heating bills in check.
Here they are:

  • Seal leaks. Check for air leaks around doors and windows. If you feel cold air coming through – or worse, see light through cracks – seal up those leaks. Hardware and home improvement stores sell weatherization kits with caulking and other materials that make it easy to patch up air leaks. Weatherstripping for doors typically costs less than $15. Also check for holes around duct and pipe inlets and in walls. Warm air leakage may account for 30 percent or more of winter heating costs.
  • Use window coverings. Drafty windows are among the biggest culprits of heat escape in the wintertime. There are a variety of films and coverings that can help prevent that, however. These include thermal curtains, hot air sealed window plastic and insulated window shades. Make sure any coverings stay on at least overnight, when it’s coldest outside. Uncover windows that get a lot of sun during the day to use natural sunlight to help heat your business.
  • Change filters at least monthly. Changing air filters once a month helps ensure your air stays clean and running efficiently in your business.
  • Use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can help limit heat usage by pushing down and circulating rising warm air. In the winter, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise (and counterclockwise in the summer months).
  • Install a programmable thermostat. Optimize savings and convenience with automating temperature settings. It is recommended to set your thermostat at 68°F in the winter. This can minimize energy use and maintain employee and customer comfort.
Duke Energy also offers a free, no-obligation energy assessment through our Small Business Energy Saver program. The program provides a convenient process for small and medium-sized business customers to make energy-related improvements to their operations by offering significant discounts on products that save energy and money. Along with the free energy assessment, customers receive specific energy-saving recommendations and coverage for up to 80 percent of select energy efficiency improvements. We also schedule installation around your business’s needs. You can sign up for the program online or call 855.776.4723 for more information.
We know that for many customers, any savings on their power bill can make a big difference in their monthly budget. We’re committed to helping customers take control of their energy use and manage their bills, and we look forward to partnering with the businesses of McDowell County to build a brighter energy future all North Carolinians can enjoy.
Sources: Duke Energy, ENERGY STAR®

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