The Blood Connection Becomes County's Primary Blood Supplier

Asheville, NC (August 16, 2019) – As the blood supplier for local hospitals in McDowell and Caldwell counties, The Blood Connection is asking community members to become loyal blood donors to maintain an adequate, local blood supply.
The Blood Connection (TBC) is the primary blood supplier for Mission Hospital McDowell and Caldwell UNC Healthcare. Those are two of the eleven TBC hospital partners in Western North Carolina. When anyone in those communities needs blood, it’s available because of TBC donors.

One donation has the power to save up to three lives. TBC supplies blood to nine counties in the WNC region with five mobile units and one donation center in Arden. The Arden Center at 225 Airport Road celebrates its one-year anniversary on August 20th
TBC would like members of the McDowell Chamber of Commerce and Caldwell Chamber of Commerce to encourage their friends and family to donate blood with TBC. The blood center connects the community with local hospital patients who rely on the kindness of strangers to share life, every day. Those patients are in the community; mothers, brothers, sons, daughters, cousins, friends who get more time with their families because of someone’s simple, selfless decision to donate blood. 
When donors give with TBC, it stays local. While trauma is the most obvious reason for blood usage, cancer patients are usually the number one recipients of blood products. Donations are also needed for burn victims, premature infants, surgeries, and those with blood disorders, to name a few. When community members share blood, healing happens, and families remain whole. Become a local lifesaver with TBC.
Any school, organization, or business interested in hosting a blood drive can visit the TBC website for more information:
A blood drive can be hosted from almost anywhere with inside equipment and mobile buses. TBC’s life-saving mission starts with a willing blood drive host.
TBC is currently experiencing low donor turnout. As summer vacation comes to an end, it’s important to keep in mind that the need for blood doesn’t take a vacation; it never stops. Donors can help support their community by donating blood today. Blood donors must be healthy, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be 17 years old or 16 with written parental consent. Donors must bring a valid photo ID. Please call (864) 255-5000 with any questions. Visit to find a blood drive or center.
About The Blood Connection
The Blood Connection has been committed to saving lives since 1962. Founded in Greenville, South Carolina, TBC is an independently managed, not-for-profit, community blood center that provides blood products to more than 70 hospitals within Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.
Recognized by the U.S. Congress for its dedication to disaster preparedness and the community, TBC works diligently to collect blood from volunteer donors to meet the ever-increasing demand. By keeping collections local, TBC serves hundreds of thousands of patients a year in its communities. TBC is licensed and regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For more information, visit



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