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T-Shirt Tuesday Member Promotion A Smash Hit

As way to help promote our members, Member Engagement specialist Emma Mathews created T-Shirt Tuesday. This simple, but incredibly effective promotion is getting businesses noticed and talking. 

Posts like the one here reached more than 1.7K viewers, was shared more than 10 times and more thank 242 people liked, loved, or commented. 

The concept is simple, we wear your company's branded T-shirt on Tuesdays and as we go about our day, we visit other businesses, grocery stores, tire stores, restaurants, etc. advertising your company. We take fun photos and post them online. 

People love seeing us in our member's shirts and they are always happy to pose with us. It's fun and a great way to build community, advertise members, and deepen relationships. 

So if you want to get in on the fun, email Emma at and she will add you to the list. She gives you the sizes we need, you bring her the T-shirts and she'll schedule the Tuesday that we'll wear your shirt. 

When we get to wear great T-shirts every Tuesday and promote our members, it's not surprise why this promotion is such a success. 

Happy Tuesdays! 

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