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Our PPE Story

Grateful to Help 
Kitsbow was invited to Washington DC to testify in Congress on the issues of small businesses struggling to survive in the Pandemic. The House Committee on Small Business is considering policy to help small businesses and help the country be better prepared for pandemics.

Our CEO David Billstrom testified on the lessons Kitsbow learned in the last 100 days making PPE, and a bit about how we did it. David stated that, "
The opportunity to testify in Congress was quite meaningful to those of us who have been down in the details for months ... to pull back a bit, and try to describe the bigger picture of what happened here in Old Fort. Our team has taken pride in their work during this very hard time, and now they can see that others in the region and beyond are proud of them too. We've received calls and emails of support, every single one of which were impactful"

The Chairman of the hearing, Congressman Brad Schneider of Illinois stated, “Mr. Billstrom I am going to quote from your submitted testimony, which I thought was fascinating, the full story, I wish we had time to hear it all.”   

Congress has now made that submitted testimony available to the public, so if you'd like to hear more about the Kitsbow PPE Story, you can.



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