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Old Fort Steers Its Resurgence Forward

2021 McDowell Chamber of CommerceChange is inevitable. In the last few years we've all seen plenty of change sweep through our communities. Getting ahead of that change and helping to steer it in a healthy and sustainable direction is what the people of Old Fort are doing. 

The town has been attractive to Asheville's overflow for some time now. Seeing the possibility for growth, jobs, and all the benefits that come along with that, a unique coalition has been working hand-in-hand to guide and influence this small towns resurgence. Businesses and residents (active residents) along with nonprofits are rolling up their sleeves and making things happen. 

The whole story was laid out beautifully by writer Graham Averill for the latest edition of Mountain Bike Quarterly, BETA. Click the link below to learn all the characters in Old Fort's next chapter. 

Mountain Bike Quarterly: BETA