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Nine to Know

The fear of running out of money in retirement is listed as the greatest concern in retirement. It is easy to understand as the variables are many. Inflation, taxes, the solvency of Social Security, and the fluctuation of the stock market. Having a plan is critical to your success. Most people have a portfolio of investments, but what I want to help with is a plan that helps you understand how to best minimize the risks of each of the listed above. 
I have a new program that gives you a benchmark of where you are today and how long your money should last if you just rely on a portfolio without a plan. For many, this is shocking as the historical impact of taxes and inflation takes a significant toll on your savings. By answering a series of 9 questions you can see how long your money may last. From there we can see what can be done to make it last as long as you do. 
Take advantage of this today to secure your future.
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