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Free Financial Planning

As the nation grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, we face unprecedented challenges that will require all sectors to collaborate for the public good, including finding ways to support the millions of financially at-risk Americans who will need quality financial planning and advice more than ever before.
As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM practitioner, I have partnered with the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) to provide pro bono financial planning to those in need. FFP will provide support resources and networks to help provide this aid at no cost to individuals and businesses in need. To be honest this is unchartered waters for most and will be a learning experience for almost everyone. By utilizing FFP resources I can efficiently help those impacted by this unique and devastating crisis. While the lasting effects of this pandemic are yet to be fully understood, FFP will be a great resource for me during this difficult period.
It is important to know that through this program there are no fees charged for planning services. I also agree to not sell any product or service to you. This will be a limited-term engagement focused on your immediate need and not your long-term financial plan. I am here to help you get through this crisis.
Who is a good candidate for this planning?

  • Experiencing financial challenges due to unemployment
  • Loss or reduction of wages
  • Health-related expenses
  • Impacted Small Businesses
  • Difficulty in paying mortgage or rent
  • Difficulty in paying utilities
  • Worried about the downturn in the Stock Market
These are just a few of the topics I expect to discuss with people, but it is not a complete list. The reality is if you have questions about any financial topic that has impacted you or your company and want another qualified person to help you figure out what to do, I am here to help. I have over 27 years of planning experience and have been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM practitioner since June of 2005. I have worked with small and large businesses with cash flow and debt. Through FFP I will have resources to address the Federal Government programs as they become available. For individuals, I managed money through 2008 and have experienced several downturns in the market. I will help you take advantage of the plans available through the Federal Government too.
The key takeaway with this event is
  1. You did nothing wrong
  2. It would have been difficult to plan for this
  3. There will be help available to you 
  4. I want to use my expertise to help you take advantage of everything that can help you get back on your feet.
The best way to contact me is through email at but you can also contact my office at (828) 559-0299.
I look forward to helping you recover from this hopefully once in a lifetime event.
Steve Gaito, CFP®

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