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Creative Ways To Boost Your Email List

Email marketing is a key marketing strategy for brands and small businesses that want to communicate directly with their customers. If you want to grow your email list, here are some creative ideas and proven strategies that help attract new subscribers.

  1. Add simple signup forms on your website
Encourage website visitors to become newsletter subscribers by giving them multiple opportunities to join your mailing list. Install an attention-grabbing lightbox message on your website homepage, that pops up on the screen when visitors first arrive. Implement signup forms on the website sidebar or the footer that invites users to sign up as they navigate the site.
  1. Offer subscribers exclusive benefits
Incentivize your customers to sign up for your mailing list by offering them exclusive rewards and promotions. Rewarding loyal email subscribers with VIP benefits will keep them engaged with your email content and might inspire them to encourage others to sign up for your list.
Here are a few examples of subscriber-only benefits to incorporate into your newsletter marketing strategy:
  • Send out seasonal and holiday promo codes with limited-time offers and discounts.
  • Announce new products or services via your newsletter first to give subscribers a sneak peek and early access.
  • Create an instant incentive for new newsletter subscribers to use right away, such as a 20% off coupon.
  • Use newsletters to send invitations for exclusive online and in-person shopping opportunities or brand-specific events.
  • Create a value add such as an ebook only available to new subscribers.
  • Use signup buttons on your social media
Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms have introduced call-to-action email signup buttons for business accounts to make it easy for owners to turn social followers into email subscribers. If you can’t add a dedicated button to your social platforms, include a call-to-action in your profile to drive followers to opt-in to your newsletter for access to exclusive offers and content.
  1. Host a giveaway
Want to boost your email signups quickly? Hosting a contest where participants provide their contact information as part of the entry process is a simple and easy way to collect a high volume of email addresses for your newsletter list. Just make sure you’re in compliance with anti-span legislation.
  1. Add a signup link to your e-mail signature
If you communicate with clients frequently via email, consider adding a newsletter signup button to your digital signature at the end of your correspondence. Email signature marketing is an overlooked and underrated opportunity for small business owners to share call-to-action messages with their customers and generate leads or signups.
  1. Add a newsletter opt-in to your e-commerce pages
If your business is collecting contact information in order to process online payments on an e-commerce platform, the check-out step is a great opportunity to nudge customers to stay in touch. Convert shoppers into subscribers by adding a simple opt-in checkbox to the site that allows customers to sign up for your e-newsletter.
  1. Create compelling content
At the end of the day, one of the best ways to attract and retain e-newsletter subscribers is to offer interesting content that’s valuable and relatable. Commit to sending your newsletter on a consistent basis, use an eye-catching branded template that recipients will recognize right away, and share informative and entertaining content that’s relevant for your audience and keeps them engaged.
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