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Chamber Launches Podcast to Promote Members

RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2020

The McDowell County Chamber has launched its own podcast, adding another venue in which to promote its members and expand their reach. 

McDowell Matters Podcast launched in coordination with local business owner Onee Pressley of Pressley Made in December to highlight 10 magnanimous women entrepreneurs with Women to the Power of 10. In partnership with AuMedia, LLC the Chamber produced 5 episodes in a one-day session at Pressley Made

We wanted to create a way to share the incredible stories, news, and happenings in the business world here in McDowell with a wider audience, said Communications Director Tina Wolfe. "A podcast allows us to bring the many insightful and inspiring stories of our community to the world and showcase the enterprising dynamic of our county." 

Earlier this year, the Chamber launched Member Mondays that showcases the personal journeys of local members, their contributions to the community, and their business advice and expertise. The stories are published monthly on the website and in the Sunday edition of the McDowell News. The Podcast will expand the organization's opportunities to host industry experts, provide policy updates with local officials, and have real conversations with business owners. 

The Chamber's main focus is to serve and promote its member businesses and with these new services we are better able to do that especially during the limitations of Covid-19 restrictions, Wolfe added. 

"Every business owner started with a dream to provide a service or product to their community," she said. "They took a risk and sacrificed to open that store. They are our neighbors. They shop at the same grocery stores and their kids go to the same schools as ours. The Pandemic has been strikingly difficult to our small business community. Just because they own a business doesn't always mean they are doing fine. This is a way we can give them a voice, show the person behind the storefront and hopefully create an appreciation for what they contribute to making McDowell the great place it is."

McDowell Matters Podcast will be broadcast quarterly and bring you the best business news advice, banter, and stories of McDowell County. Our next podcast will feature new Executive Director Kim Effler. We'll talk about her plans for 2021, new events coming from the Chamber, and how these changes will benefit the members. 

You can listen and subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts. If you like the conversations, make sure you rate the podcast, review, and comment. 

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