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Retirement Resource Management

Retirement Resource Management

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If you ask 50 Financial Advisors the best way to create a retirement plan you will get 50 different opinions. However if you go to academia you will see that there are not 50 different ways, but 1 clear choice. I help people create a plan based on this one clear winner. But don’t take my word for it I have a series of webinars each week that walk you through the math and science of retirement
There are four major risks that everyone faces in retirement: Taxes, Health, Longevity, and Market Volatility. How each of these is addressed is what differentiates Retirement Resource Management from an investment broker or insurance agent.
As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM, I am required to be a fiduciary, which means I must put your interest above any others. I want to create the best plan to meet your needs, so I start planning before recommending strategies or products. I take a long-term or macro view of each of these risks and evaluate your resources to see how to best address each.
-I put your assets in the right place at the right time. Given the current tax brackets and the likelihood of them sunsetting or reverting to higher rates, I work with clients to properly position their retirement assets to minimize long-term taxes. I provide a complimentary analysis of your current allocation and compare it to a tax-efficient strategy.
-I provide hourly financial planning. My planning is designed to identify your needs and address the most pressing items first. This means you are paying for planning only as you accomplish goals.


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Release Date: January 26, 2023