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Public Works Technician

Posted: 01/17/2023

This position performs a variety of semi-skilled to skilled work in the maintenance, repair, construction and cleaning of streets, sidewalks, facilities, utility appurtenances, grounds, and parks. Work involves operating a variety of light and medium trucks and construction equipment and a variety of power and hand tools.  Employees are subject to working in both inside and outside environments, in extreme hot and cold weather, and exposure to various hazards such as loud noises, vibration, moving mechanical parts, electrical current, chemicals, fumes, odors, dusts, mists, gases, poor ventilation, and oils.   Work may also subject to the final standards of OSHA on blood borne pathogens.  Employees are also subject to on-call and call-back work.  Work is performed under regular supervision in accordance with specific instructions and within defined procedures.  Work is reviewed while in progress and upon completion for productivity, efficiency, quality, safety and adherence to established standards. This position requires working knowledge of construction, repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, storm drains and related facilities, including concrete and masonry construction and finishing and asphalt work; working knowledge of standard practices, materials, tools, and equipment utilized in the area of assigned work; working knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions associated with assigned area of work; some knowledge of the safe use, operation and preventive maintenance of the equipment to which assigned; knowledge of traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to operations of motorized equipment and placement of traffic safety signs and cones; skill in the operation of assigned vehicles and equipment; ability to perform heavy manual labor for extended periods of time; ability to operate equipment used in the work; ability to read and write; complete simple records; ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisor, other employees, and the general public.


Duties may also include, but are not limited to:


  • Works on a crew to patch potholes and resurface streets; prepares asphalt materials for resurfacing and patching; digs holes; spreads asphalt; rakes and smooths asphalt to grade.   
  • Works on a crew to construct and repair concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter and driveway aprons etc.; spreads gravel; helps set forms, pours concrete, brushes and finishes concrete; 
  • Cleans and maintains storm drains, catch basins, drainage culverts and other drainage structures; installs and repairs storm drain pipe; digs drainage ditches.
  • Works on a grounds maintenance crew responsible for maintaining assigned City grounds and rights of way by cutting grass, trimming and edging, mulching, planting, weeding, tree trimming, and other landscape and grounds maintenance activities; 
  • Cleans and maintains the greenway, mini-parks and Community Building Park daily; unlocks gates; picks up trash and debris; removing graffiti; cleans park equipment; cleans bathrooms; makes repairs to park equipment and facilities.
  • Inspects parks and playground equipment for safety issues; checks bolts, nuts, and chain links and tightens or replaces as needed; documents same in accordance with a prescribed safety program. 
  • Operates a variety of light and medium equipment such as dump trucks, tampers, trenchers, jackhammers, air compression driven equipment, riding and push mowers, trimmers, weed eaters, blowers, chain saws, pole saws, stump grinders, and other equipment.
  • Participates in preparation, erection, maintenance and repair of street signs.
  • Performs leaf removal and leaf blowing on City streets and grounds.
  • Sets up safety cones and signs and may flag traffic around construction sites.
  • Performs routine vehicle and equipment checks for proper operation; ensures cleanliness and proper storage of tools after use; checks oil and other fluid levels and tires.  
  • Sets up tables and chairs for various functions; operates and/or works in bucket to hang and remove banners and holiday/event decorations; maintains cleanliness during events and after. 
  • In weather emergencies performs tasks such as removing snow, ice or downed trees, and pre-treating streets.
  • Performs related work as required or requested.


High school diploma preferred, ability to read and write and some experience in concrete or asphalt construction or maintenance work; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Possession of a valid Class B CDL or other appropriate driver’s license valid in the State of North Carolina; possession of additional certifications that may be required by the City. 

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