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Posted: 11/22/2019

Reporting to Whom: Maintenance Coordinator

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be mathematically minded
  • Must be mechanically minded
  • Must complete TMI PM mechanic training program
  • Perform daily maintenance as required
  • Perform PM duties in a timely manner with minimal disruption to production
  • Perform basic maintenance on chip conveyors
  • Perform other minor maintenance tasks as directed by leadership
  • Maintain and update machine PM status board
  • Maintain a clean safe work area at all times
  • Other duties as directed by leadership
  • Adhere to all TMI policies, procedures and work instructions
  • Ensure that all maintenance concerns at all TMI facilities are properly and safely addressed while controlling costs
  • Maintain highest level of quality while completing tasks in a timely manner
  • Maintain an acceptable level of attendance
  • Work respectfully with others
  • Follow directives from leadership
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Strive for 0 attendance points
  • Strive to maintain a clean, safe work environment
  • Strive for minimal machine down time
Authority: Maintenance PM Mechanic has full authority to carry out assigned duties and responsibilities.
Accountability: Maintenance PM Mechanic will be held accountable by the Maintenance Coordinator for efficient completion of assigned duties, responsibilities and achieving objectives.
External Contacts: As directed by Production Manager

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