Holistic Wellness Center Opens in Marion

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August 16, 2018

Bartlett Wellness CenterAngela Horton has been advocating wellness for most of her adult life. She is a recently retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force where she served in a medical capacity for more than 30 years. A licensed counselor, massage therapist, nurse, and vibrant entrepreneur, Horton is the nexus of the new Bartlett Wellness Center (BWC) that officially celebrated its grand opening on Friday, August 17.

The Center takes its name from the Parable of the Pear Tree, which teaches us to look at individuals as a whole rather than just a one-time glance to understand them and their needs. BWC brings together a host of professionals (including Horton's own practice Open Door to Health), that strive to serve their community and view individuals as a whole unit, addressing both mental and physical health. Located in a tranquil, off-the-beaten-path section of West Marion, customers will find everything from home health, medical insurance services, holistic medicine and pain management options, professional counseling, medicinal herbs and remedies, massage therapy, along with nutritional experts and even acupuncture. 
Bartlett Wellness Center
Each practitioner will operate independently, she explains, and "we are all here to serve our community in a way that provides the best options for better physical and mental health."  Horton firmly believes that a 'healthy community is a prosperous community" and her success in gathering the quality professionals she has is a testament to her dedication to both her practice and McDowell County. 

Also in the center is a shop that creates custom cups, mouse pads, mugs and will be adding women's casual wear.  A large expanse of soft green grass invites visitors to relax in the open courtyard where they plan to hold movie nights and concerts complete with stage. The facility also has a large indoor space available for rent with an attached kitchen that is undergoing upgrades. It now serves as a meeting room, great place for yoga classes and other health-related educational offerings. The redevelopment of the building is the second such investment in our community (The building on Hwy 70 and Hwy 80) stretching outside of the downtown area. Hints to the growth and vitality of our community. 

Local developer/builder Paul Bartlett was called in to translate Horton's vision into the peaceful, positive retreat it is today. "Paul is a vital part of this becoming a reality," Horton said. "He really saw my vision and was able to transform the spaces into the artful facility you see today."  Exposed log ends create beautiful accent walls, calming colors were used throughout while bubbling fountains add to the ambiance. 
Bartlett Wellness Center
Come to see the new facility for yourself, meet the staff, tour the spaces, and discover the possibilities of whole health.  They are ready to serve you!

Professional Service Providers at Bartlett Wellness Center

  • The Open Door to Health
  • Angela Horton, MS, LPN, LMBT, LPC
  • Anquinett Burnett, MS, CPSS, LPC-, NCC
  • Mark Jones, LMBT
  • Stephanie Stroupe, BSW, LMBT
  • Lee Bredenberg, L.Ac.
  • Pat Sullivan, LPC
  • Nikki Lowery, MS, CSAC, LPC-A
  • Jennifer Wilson, MA, EMT-P, PA
Angela Horton, Owner - The Open Door to Health
(828) 652-1517



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