Job Title: Welder
Department: Varies
Classification: Non Exempt
Reports to: Supervisor
Job Summary:
This position reports directly to the Supervisor and is responsible for the welding of metal parts using specified wire welding processes.
Essential Job:

  • Uses MIG welder to assemble fabricated metal products in an efficient manner to maximize production.
  • Operates the equipment in a safe manner and reports hazards associated with the equipment or its operators to the Safety Director and Maintenance Department.
  • Produces strong penetrated welds that are smooth, non-porous, and consistent.
  • Follows required procedures and uses appropriate jigs and fixtures to assist in the assembly process.
  • Maintains/produces a level of output that will minimize production delays.
  • Cleans and maintains an orderly work area.
  • Communicates effectively with other workers to direct personal workflow.
  • Assist other individuals in area when needed.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of the welding process and equipment.
  • Ability to weld vertical, flat, and overhead welds with a good penetration and a quality appearance.
  • Ability to operate a plasma cutter and acetylene torches.
  • Good communications skills relative to supervisor and other related departments.
  • Math skills including fractions and angles.
  • Ability to read tape measures and angle finders.
  • Ability to read blueprint drawings and cut list a plus.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Physical ability to work and weld in awkward positions such as kneeling, lying down, and overhead may be required.



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